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Zeroing benches, also known as feedback benches, are fundamental tools in the field of metrology and precision measurement. These devices are used to zero and calibrate measuring instruments such as gauges, micrometers and dial gauges, ensuring that measurements are accurate and reliable. A zeroing bench is a measuring device consisting of a solid, stable base, usually made of granite, that provides a flat, smooth surface on which the instruments to be calibrated are placed. Its main function is to provide a fixed reference to ensure that measurements are correct and repeatable. Zeroing benches have several technical features that make them indispensable instruments: - Materials of construction: Usually made of granite to ensure thermal stability and resistance to wear. - Accuracy: They offer high precision, usually in the order of micrometres. - Flat surface: The base must be perfectly smooth and flat to avoid measurement errors. - Stability: They must be able to maintain their shape and size even under varying conditions of temperature and humidity. The use of zeroing benches has many advantages: - Reliability of measurements: Due to their precision, they allow for reliable and repeatable measurements. - Error reduction: They minimise errors due to poorly calibrated instruments. - Versatility: They can be used to calibrate a wide range of measuring instruments. - Efficiency: Digital and modular models save time during calibration operations. Zeroing benches are widely used in the automotive, aerospace and metrology laboratories. Zero-setting benches are essential tools for anyone needing high-precision measurements. Their advanced technical features and ability to provide a stable and reliable reference make them a must-have investment for manufacturing and metrology companies.

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    Concentricity test benches ALPA CT030
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