Modular system monorails and travelling cranes

Modular system monorails and travelling cranes: the ideal solution for aerial carrying, quickly and safely. The modular structure can be adapted to the needs of the workplace. GISKB steel cable profiles are used for the transport of goods up to 2000 kg over the entire surface. Here, depending on the load, the extension and the transport route, it is possible to choose between different profile sizes, which can be combined to form runways or bridges. The operation of trolley cranes is manual or electric in direct current. Carriages with plastic rollers guarantee low noise and smooth movement of the load. The lifting device is a GIS electric chain hoist. Overhead conveyors allow individual tracing to connect multiple workstations. Through exchanges, curvatures, blocks and winches, the piece is moved from one processing stage to the next. With the combination of curvature and exchanges, in the workflow it is possible to reach staggered work stations with punctual precision. The rail-mounted drive with frequency converter ensures smooth start-up and load transport without oscillation. In order to increase flexibility, the bridge crane system can be operated via radio control. The GISKB profile crane system, compared to traditional IPE beams, has the great advantage that the sliding surfaces of the profiles are much better protected from dust. As a result, the plastic rollers of the frames maintain the smooth sliding properties and are durable. Hoists and crane can be easily moved manually at any time with precision. Thanks to the many advantages including modularity, lightness, flexibility, dust protection and ease of assembly, the GISKB profile crane systems are used in a wide variety of sectors. In Modena, Fiat produces components for tractors that are used in another plant for final assembly .The GISKB modular bridge crane system offers the ideal solution for fast and safe elevated goods transport. Thanks to its modular structure, the bridge crane system can be adapted to the needs of the workplace in a flexible and personalized way. The movement of goods, based on "Fiat has been using GISKB profiles for many years," says Group Product Manager Link S.p.A., the Italian representative of GIS products. «We appreciate the GISKB crane system for ergonomic handling and modular design. Thanks to the modular structure and simple installation, it is possible to adapt the system at a later stage, at any time and in a flexible way ». With the standard range of GISKB elements, we are able to meet most of our customers' needs. In particular conditions related to place and space, however, tailor-made solutions are one of our strengths: we plan to build special constructions such as telescopic cranes, low-structure cranes for optimal use of the height of the rooms, versions galvanized and self-supporting crane systems. With our most modern CAD systems we can offer the customer, already in the design phase, a good view of the individual crane system.

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