Lubricators and spray nozzles

Oilers and sprayers are essential tools in machine shops to ensure efficient and long-lasting operation of machinery. These devices enable the precise and controlled application of lubricants and other fluids essential for the maintenance and operation of mechanical equipment. Using oilers and sprayers correctly has many benefits, including reducing friction, cooling moving parts and protecting against corrosion. Advantages of oilers and sprayers - Friction reduction: By applying specific lubricants, oilers and showers reduce friction between moving parts, preventing premature wear and extending the life of machinery. - Cooling: During mechanical operations, machinery generates heat. Oilers and sprayers help dissipate this heat, keeping operating temperatures within safe limits. - Corrosion protection: Lubricants applied with oilers and sprayers create a protective barrier on metal surfaces, preventing rust and corrosion. - Precision application: These tools enable targeted and controlled application of fluids, reducing material waste and ensuring that each part receives the necessary amount of lubricant. - Ease of maintenance: Using oilers and sprayers simplifies maintenance operations, making the process faster and more efficient. Technical characteristics of oilers and sprayers: - Materials of construction: The oilers and sprayers are made of durable materials such as stainless steel and high-strength plastic, ensuring durability and resistance to chemicals. - Nozzle types: Available in different shapes and sizes, the nozzles allow even and precise distribution of fluids. - Reservoir capacities: They vary according to model and application, with reservoirs holding from a few millilitres to several litres of lubricant. Pumping mechanisms: Manual, pressure or automatic mechanisms ensure a constant and adjustable flow of lubricant. Oilers and sprayers are used in various areas of machine shops, from assembly to maintenance. They are used to lubricate chains, bearings, guides and gears. In precision applications, such as in the automotive industry or in the assembly of electronic components, these tools are essential to ensure that every moving part runs smoothly. In short, oilers and sprayers are indispensable tools for machine shops, improving operational efficiency and prolonging the life of machinery. Investing in these devices means ensuring optimal maintenance and reliable operation of equipment.
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  1. Sprayers with vaporizer Hand tools 16709 0


      Sprayers with vaporizer
    • Pressure sprayers WRK Hand tools 38418 0


        Pressure sprayers WRK
        from €25.86 to €31.12
      • Pressure oilers WODEX WX7000 Hand tools 366918 0
      • Pump oilers WODEX WX7010 Hand tools 366925 0
        • WODEX


        Pump oilers WODEX WX7010
        from €11.78 to €14.73
      • Sprayers with vaporizer Profi-Line WODEX WX7020 Hand tools 367298 0
      • Spray pumps WODEX WX7020/SP Hand tools 367299 0
      • Measureing jugs Hand tools 16710 0


          Measureing jugs
          from €3.11 to €13.25
        • Measuring jugs for oil Hand tools 16711 0


            Measuring jugs for oil
            from €22.95 to €43.28
          • Heavy duty measuring buckets with pouring spout Hand tools 16712 0
          • Wide mouth drums Hand tools 16713 0


              Wide mouth drums
              from €6.37 to €88.02
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