Lift trucks

In the context of machine shops, efficiency and precision are essential to ensure smooth and safe operations. Travelling trolleys are indispensable tools in this sector, being used to move heavy loads safely and with precision. These devices, available in various types such as manual, electric and crane trucks, offer numerous advantages that go far beyond simple material handling. Travelling trolleys are mechanical devices designed to facilitate the movement of heavy loads along a track structure, often used in combination with cranes or overhead travelling cranes. There are various types of travelling trolleys, including manual and electric, each with specific applications and load capacities. These tools are essential for optimising workflows in machine shops, where lifting and moving heavy components is a daily necessity. Traversing trolleys are mainly used to: - Move Heavy Loads: They facilitate the transport of bulky or heavy materials within the workshop. - Optimise Space: They allow better organisation of the work space, enabling the smooth movement of equipment and materials. - Improve Safety: Reducing the risk of accidents related to manual handling of loads. The use of transfer trucks varies according to type: - Manual Transfer Carts: They require manual input to move along the tracks. They are ideal for lighter loads and operations that do not require continuous handling. - Electric Transfer Carts: These automated devices offer greater precision and reduce the physical effort required, making them ideal for heavier loads and frequent use. - Crane Travelling Trolleys: Used in combination with cranes or overhead travelling cranes, they are designed to support extremely heavy loads and allow controlled, safe movements. Travel trolleys offer numerous advantages, including: - Operational Efficiency: They allow heavy loads to be moved quickly and with less effort. - Reduced Costs: They minimise material damage and reduce the need for labour intensive work. - Improved Safety: They reduce the risk of occupational accidents by reducing manual handling. - Versatility: They can be used in various applications, from small workshops to large industrial plants. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the difference between a manual and an electric traversing trolley? A manual travelling trolley requires physical input from the operator to move along the tracks, whereas an electric trolley is motorised, reducing physical effort and increasing the precision and speed of movement. 2. Can I use a traversing trolley for any type of load? Transfer trolleys are designed for specific load capacities. It is essential to choose a trolley that is suitable for the weight and size of the load to be handled to ensure safety and operational effectiveness. 3. How often do I have to maintain the forklift trucks? Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the correct operation and safety of the forklift trucks. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage, but in general, monthly checks and thorough annual maintenance are recommended. 4. Are the travel trolleys compatible with all track structures? Not all traversing trolleys are universal. It is important to check compatibility with the existing track structure or consider installing new tracks compatible with the chosen trolleys. Traversing carriages are essential tools in machine shops, offering effective solutions for handling heavy loads. Their ability to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety makes them indispensable. With a variety of options available, from manual to electric trucks, it is possible to find the perfect solution for every need. Investing in high-quality lift trucks is a strategic choice for any machine shop that aims to optimise its processes and ensure a safe and productive working environment.

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  1. Manual hoist trolleys for GIS beams Lifting systems 362499 0
    • GIS


    Manual hoist trolleys for GIS beams
    from €181.00 to €1,088.00
  2. Electric hoist trolleys for GIS beams Lifting systems 362594 0
    • GIS


    Electric hoist trolleys for GIS beams
    from €2,132.00 to €3,503.00
  3. Electric trolley for beams ATEX GIS SYSTEM Lifting systems 364916 0
    • GIS


    Electric trolley for beams ATEX GIS SYSTEM
    from €4,034.00 to €7,113.00
  4. Hand operated trolleys ATEX INGERSOLL RAND Lifting systems 32168 0


    Hand operated trolleys ATEX INGERSOLL RAND
    from €166.00 to €411.00
  5. Trolleys for manual chain hoists Lifting systems 4006 0


    Trolleys for manual chain hoists
    from €174.00 to €490.00

5 Product(s)