Vacuum tube lifters

Our vacuum lifters ensure the comfortable handling of different materials such as wood, glass, stone, metal or plastic. Flat, convex and concave details with smooth or porous surfaces can be transported safely, effortlessly and gently with the appropriate vacuum lifting device. What previously required many operators to be moved, can now be easily handled by a single operator. The vacuum can in fact be an optimal handling system, custom designed for each particular type of load, brings productivity benefits and helps to reduce costs. Safe, comfortable and ergonomic. Each application in each sector must be assessed individually. Porous wood panels or heavy wooden boards, large sheet metal sheets in the metallurgical industry, concave or convex glass panels on vehicle production lines, cardboard boxes in logistics or simply sacks or barrels. For almost all goods transport we find the optimal handling solution, thanks to our decades of experience in the production of vacuum lift systems that use vacuum technology. From standard products for bags, cardboard boxes or panels, to versions specifically designed for our customers' needs, we offer a wide range of vacuum lifting solutions. Small transports, loads with frequent or heavy, bulky movements, transport of goods with unusual handling: each system is adapted to its use and guarantees gentle material handling. Our vacuum lifting systems are controlled by the central control unit equipped with optical and acoustic alarms to ensure the optimal grip of the load to be lifted. The components of these devices are robust, durable and require little maintenance. A variety of special versions and a wide range of accessories ensures practical solutions for every application. If the handled loads must be tilted or turned, we propose the solution indicated for the customer, designing the most suitable vacuum lifting system for machining needs. The dimensions, the number and the positioning of the suction points can be adapted to the parts to be handled. The goal is to offer the user the simplest and most ergonomic solution possible. Thanks to our decades of experience, our technicians design the most appropriate system using frequency inverters for precise positioning of the load or suction surfaces specially adapted to the goods to be lifted.

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  1. Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACU-B Lifting systems 3997 0


    Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACU-B
    from €9,450.00 to €14,616.00
  2. Accessories for VACU-B B-HANDLING Lifting systems 371509 0


    Accessories for VACU-B B-HANDLING
    from €1,040.00 to €1,460.00
  3. Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDPM Lifting systems 362926 0


    Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDPM
    from €3,190.00 to €5,353.00
  4. Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDPL Lifting systems 362927 0


    Vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDPL
    from €2,109.00 to €3,623.00
  5. Electric vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDE Lifting systems 362928 0


    Electric vacuum lifters B-HANDLING VACUJET SDE
    from €3,785.00 to €5,894.00

5 Product(s)