Electric chain hoists

Simple and easy to use, reliable and safe electric chain hoists, designed to perform a large number of operations. With the new GP series (GIS Polygon) the performance of the GCH electric hoists have been considerably enhanced. The new type GP 1000 lifts in a single phase as many as 1600 kg compared to the previous 1000 kg using the same time and with the same frequency compared to the previous model. Depending on the use, the load can be increased up to 60% or the customer can benefit from a chain segment life with a load capacity from 1 up to 4 times increased. In two-phase lifting the maximum load has been increased up to 2500 kg together with a higher classification compared to the previous model The IP65 degree of protection is new in the standard configuration, guaranteeing dust resistance and protection from water jets. Thanks to its compact and robust structure the GP electric hoist can be used both in dusty and outdoor environments. All the stub shaft connections are made of self-centering polygonal profiles. Disassembly and assembly during maintenance operations is therefore faster and does not require specific equipment, thus reducing service costs. GP electric hoists are available as standard with a 1 or 3 phase electrical connections and offers 1 or 2 speed models with different lifting speeds. A wide assortment of accessories and options, including remote control, frequency converter, operating data counter, safety load hook and special controls of your choice. All the new generation configurations have one thing in common: robustness and long life, so the product warranty has been extended to 3 years.
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    Electric chain hoists GIS GP

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    Electric chain hoists GIS HANDY
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      Quick connect kit for hoist push-button controls
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        Cycle counters for hoists
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