Mounted grinding discs

Mounted abrasive wheels are indispensable tools in machine shops, thanks to their versatility and ability to perform precise machining operations on various materials. These tools are used for roughing, honing, polishing and deburring metal components, guaranteeing high quality finishes. Mounted points consist of a cylindrical or conical body made of abrasive material, mounted on a metal shank that facilitates installation on drills, grinders and other power tools. Their main distinguishing features are: - Abrasive Material: Available in different grit sizes, the most common abrasive materials include aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and synthetic diamond. These materials allow working on a wide range of surfaces, from hard metal to ceramics. - Shape and Size: Mounted grinding wheels come in many shapes, including cylindrical, conical, spherical and disc. Sizes vary to suit different machining needs, allowing even the most difficult areas to be reached. - Shank: Usually made of steel, the shank provides strength and stability during use. Standard shank sizes vary to fit various tool chucks, usually between 3 and 6 mm in diameter. Advantages of Mounted points: - Accuracy: Mounted points offer high precision in machining, allowing for smooth, well-finished surfaces. This is essential in machine shops where the quality of the finish directly affects the performance of the components produced. - Versatility: Thanks to the variety of shapes and materials, these tools can be used on a wide range of materials and for multiple applications, from deburring to precision polishing. - Durability: High-quality grinding wheels guarantee a long service life and high wear resistance, reducing replacement costs and improving production efficiency. - Ease of use: Simple mounting on various tools and ease of use make mounted points indispensable in any machine shop. In machine shops, mounted points are used in numerous processes. For example, they are used for: - Finishing metal components: Ideal for smoothing uneven surfaces and preparing workpieces for further machining or treatment. - Deburring: Used to remove burrs and imperfections from cut or stamped parts, improving the quality of the final product. - Polishing: Essential for achieving mirrored surfaces on precision components, reducing friction and improving aesthetics. Mounted points are a crucial component in the equipment of a modern machine shop. Their ability to offer precise machining, versatility of use and high durability make them a key investment in ensuring quality and efficiency in production processes.

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  1. Mounted points with shank PFERD ZY Abrasives 30 0
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    Mounted points with shank PFERD ZY
    from €2.20 to €4.21
  2. Mounted points with shank PFERD KU Abrasives 32 0
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    Mounted points with shank PFERD KU
    from €2.51 to €3.86
  3. Mounted points with shank PFERD SP Abrasives 34 0
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    Mounted points with shank PFERD SP
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  4. Mounted points with shank PFERD KE Abrasives 35 0
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    Mounted points with shank PFERD KE
    from €3.40 to €5.17
  5. Poliflex shank mounted abrasive grinders GR PFERD ZY Abrasives 36 0
  6. Poliflex shank mounted abrasive grinders LR PFERD ZY Abrasives 37 0
  7. Shank mounted diamond grinders Abrasives 39 0


      Shank mounted diamond grinders
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    • Mole abrasive diamantate sferiche con gambo Abrasives 364914 0


        Mole abrasive diamantate sferiche con gambo
        from €9.16 to €19.00
      • Abrasive grinders in blue ceramic for hard materials 5,5 x 9,5 GESSWEIN Abrasives 24691 0

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