Robert Bosch founded a precision mechanics and electrical engineering workshop in Stuttgart in 1886. This was only the beginning of a long history that led to the establishment of Robert Bosch GmbH, a company that has always stood out for innovation and social commitment.

Thanks to the Power Tools division, Bosch has become an outstanding supplier of electric power tools, accessories, and measurement technology for both trade, industry, and DIY enthusiasts.

The range includes:

  • electrical tools
  • garden tools

The Bosch screwdriver drills stand out for their excellent ease of handling when drilling and screwing, even in tight spaces. The Bosch GSR screwdriver in particular provides an excellent balance between performance and compactness.

Discover the wide range of Bosch angle grinders as well, and find the one that best suits your needs.

Bosch focuses on innovation and digitalization and stands out for its high-performance cordless products at an affordable price.

Bosch, Technology for life!

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