Information of the use of cookie

What is cookie

The site which makes use of cookie. As clarified by the privacy Guarantor in the FAQ of December 2012, available on, cookies are “small file texts” formats from letters and numbers, “that the user visited sites send to their terminal (usually to the browsers) where they are stored to be retransmitted to the sites at the next visit of the same user”. Cookies is designed to streamline traffic analysis on the web or to point out when a specific site or part of it is visited to distinguish between visitors to provide personalized content and to help administrators improve the site and the navigation experience of the users themselves.

Through cookie, we cannot access other information stored on your device, even if it is here that cookie has downloaded, cookie cannot charge codes of any type, vehicular virus or malware and are not harmful for the user’s terminal.

Below you can find all the information about cookie installed through this site and the directions on how to manage your preference.

User consent

Connecting for the first time to any page of the user will see a brief summary of the use of cookie, closing this information by clicking on the button or clicking outside the banner containing it and navigating in the navigation, the user agrees to our use of cookie in the manner described in this Cookie Policy.

The site remembers the choice made by the user, so the brief information will not be reposted in subsequent links from the same device. The user however always has the possibility to revoke in whole or in part the consent already expressed.
If technical problems related to the granting of consent are found, please contact us through the appropriate channels provided by this site to assist you.

Which type of Cookie do we use

The use of cookie by the owner of the site, Link Gruppo S.P.A., based in Brescia, via Corsica 143, is part of the Privacy Policy of the same; for all information required by art.13 Privacy code click here.

In order to allow our site to be used and the provision of our service, we use both so called persistent cookie (i.e. cookie that remains in effect until it is manually removed from the site or for which a planned long-term removal is expected) and so- called session cookie that is not persistently stored on the visitor’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

We use cookie of different types – with specific functions – that we can classify:


Cookie type What they do?
Technical details/of session

Technical details/of navigation

(To issue this type of cookie does not require user consent)
This is indispensable for the correct functioning of our site which allows the user to navigate and view the content. Their possible deactivation would cause site malfunctions.
In general cookies of this type are required for example to keep a navigation session open to allow the user to access any reserved areas or else they can temporarily remember the texts entered during the compilation of a form when you return to a previous page during the same session.
Technical details of consent

(To issue this type of cookie does not require user consent)
This cookie keeps track of the consent provided by the user to use cookie on this site, in a way not to propose in subsequent visits – brief information about cookie and the request for consent.


Type of cookie What they do?

(To issue this type of cookie requires user consent)
It is used to collect information about how users navigate our site. This information is analyzed aggregate form for statistical purposes only.
It is not necessary, but it is of great help to help us to improve our content and services based on the information we get from the statistics analysis.

Cookie of the third party

Browsing this site you will receive both Link Group S.P.A., cookie and cookie form third party sites that will be able to set cookie on your device for our account in order to deliver the services they are providing.

Third party cookie allows us to get more comprehensive user browser habits. We use such cookies for example to elaborate statistics on our use of our site and to evaluate your interest in our specific content and services. More detailed information about these cookies are available on charts in this document and their respective third party websites in question.

Cookie statistics (third party) uses Google analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc,1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA94943 USA, who uses cookie to collect and analyze in aggregate information relating to navigation of the users or Link group spa or Google associate your IP address with other data in their possession to identify you directly.

The collected information is processed by Google Analytics systems to produce reports for, administrators who use them to verify the correct functioning of the services and the rate of enjoyment of the proposed content.

If you would like more information about the polices applied by Google Inc. in the privacy of data you can click here; to disable statistical cookies by preventing analytics from collecting data on your navigating system, you can down load it from the analytics disconnecting component which you can find here:

How to configure your terminal

If you do not agree with the cookie installation, you will need to configure your browser to disable cookies or not use the site. Disabling cookies however, the site or some of its features may not work properly.

To modify the use of cookie, block reception or even delete cookie on your terminal, just enter your browser settings.

Most browsers expect to accept or reject all cookies or accept only some of them (for example, from specific sites).

Although through similar steps, the cookie configuration method varies for each browser for details on the procedure to follow, the user can visit or see the” help” section of your browser.

For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences on third-party cookies, please visit