Linkode is a technological solution which allows you to:

  • Manage Inventory supplies.
  • Reduce waiting time.
  • Increase daily productivity.

If you do not choose Linkode

Without Linkode the rupture of a tool in the company is a big problem.  In fact, if the warehouse lacks a spare part it is necessary to request an order and replacement part in this period of time the production is slowed down.

If you choose Linkode

Instead a Link customer, in case of rupture of tool, when an urgent replacement is needed we are always prepared:  Our warehouse is never lacking because the orders are organized and planned and the courier provides a quick delivery.

A technological solution

Linkode is the solution that you are looking for because, thanks to a simple “scan” it allows you to:

  • Manage the warehouse supplies, preventing “ out of stock”
  • Reduces the waiting time
  • Increases daily productivity

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