Laboratory scales

Laboratory balances are an essential tool in the field of metrology, the science of measurement. These devices, also known as analytical balances, precision balances or scientific balances, are designed to provide highly accurate measurements of the weight of samples, often down to fractions of a milligram. Used extensively in chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and industrial laboratories, laboratory balances are critical to ensuring the quality and consistency of experimental results. Characteristics of Laboratory Balances - High Accuracy: One of the main characteristics of laboratory balances is their ability to measure with a high degree of accuracy. Analytical balances can have a resolution ranging from 0.1 mg to 0.001 mg, enabling extremely detailed and accurate measurements. - Stability and Sensitivity: The balances are equipped with advanced weighing trays and sensors that ensure stable measurements even in drafts or vibrations. The sensitivity of the laboratory scales allows even the smallest weight variations to be detected. - Advanced Functions: Modern laboratory scales can include advanced features such as data logging, connectivity to computers and analysis software, and the ability to perform tare and differential weighing operations. The ability to measure with extreme precision makes laboratory balances indispensable for scientific experiments, chemical analysis and quality control. Laboratory scales can be used in a wide range of applications, from weighing chemical samples to weighing biological and industrial materials. Advanced functions and an intuitive interface make laboratory balances easy to use, even for less experienced users. In metrology, measurement accuracy is crucial. Laboratory balances help ensure that mass measurements are accurate, enabling scientists and technicians to obtain precise and reliable data. This is crucial for the validation of experimental results and for meeting international quality standards. Link Industrial Tools' laboratory balances represent the ultimate in metrology technology and innovation. We offer a wide range of balances to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you are working in a research laboratory or in a production industry, our balances will guarantee accurate and reliable results, improving the quality of your work.

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  1. Precision Digital scales KERN EMB Measuring and precision tools 2910 0
  2. Laboratory scales KERN PCD Measuring and precision tools 351632 0
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    Laboratory scales KERN PCD
  3. Digital counting scales KERN 440 Measuring and precision tools 2911 0
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    Digital counting scales KERN 440
    from €160.00 to €275.00
  4. Digital counting scales KERN CCS Measuring and precision tools 19682 0
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    Digital counting scales KERN CCS
    from €670.00 to €1,170.00
  5. Digital counting scales KERN CXB Measuring and precision tools 19683 0
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    Digital counting scales KERN CXB
    from €350.00 to €355.00
  6. Platform scale KERN EOB Measuring and precision tools 357359 0
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    Platform scale KERN EOB
  7. Scales for pallets KERN UIB Measuring and precision tools 357360 0
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    Scales for pallets KERN UIB
  8. Floor scales KERN BFB 1T - 4SNM Measuring and precision tools 29883 0
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    Floor scales KERN BFB 1T - 4SNM
    from €160.00 to €1,380.00

8 Product(s)