Leeb Impact hardness testers compact with repeatability

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Scale measurement range: Leeb and scales HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HV, HS, σb. Measuring range: HLD (200-960) - HRC (19.8-68.5) - HRB (13.5-100) - HB (30-651) - HV (80-976) - HS (26.4-99.5) - σb (375-2639), with D type probe (Standard) and DL probe (Optional). Accuracy: ± 6 HLD (HLD=800), repeatability < 6 HLD (HLD=800). Impact direction: 360° selectable. Materials: iron, cast iron, stainles steel, aluminium, etc. Minimum measurable piece weight: 5 Kg. Display: 45 mm OLED display withn 169x128 pixels resolution in english. Memory: 1000 groups. 6 results per group and 1 average value, USB connection for research, data output. Equipped with software for data transmission, storage and print out. AAA type lithium battery, with automatic power off after 3 minutes of not use. Standard GB/T 17394-1998, ASTM A956.
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