Tool clamp cone disassemblers TUKOY HANDY

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Our cone disassemblers supports are manufactured with the upmost care to preserve the optimal conditions of your toolholders. The characteristics of the supports avoids possible contact between the cone and support thanks to the shape and the presence of an O-ring. Keep clean all surfaces to always ensure maximum performance. The good condition of the cone will always ensure exact setting and precise machining. Rotation - positioning 1. Pull the indexing knob to unlock 2. Turn into a new position at 0° 90° 3. Release the knob to block Toolholders blocking 1. Insert holder making sure the clone is perfectly clean 2. Check the correct positioning into centering dowel 3. Rotate locking knob toward SK or BT according to cone version Toolholders extraction 1. Rotate locking knob to central positioning 2. Extract holder
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