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Emulsion oxygenators LTEC OXI COOLER

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OXI COOLER is a combined oxygenation and cooling system featuring a DELTA 40 cooling unit, which can also be mounted onto a TOS 2.0 tramp oil separator so to accelerate separation of lubricant oil from emulsion itself. The neodymium magnet is designed to provide a safe and tight fastening of the OXI COOLER onto a steel wall, simply by inserting its bubbler tube in the bottom of the tank and coupling it to the compressed air unit. The flux valve is designed to optmise cooling air flux in relation to tank emulsion levels. ADVANTAGES: - Longer emulsion life without chemical supplement - Enhanced tool performance - Preventing unpleasant odours due to microbial metabolism - Emulsion provide from oxygenation kept at optimum PH levels. - Gradually ihibits bacterial growth - Protecting ferrous alloys against oxidation - Cooled down emulsion ensures reduced fume and fog - Significantly reduced cost of disposal

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