Who we are

As always in Link we have a fixed way of thinking… To innovate!

We have made our slogan to perfectly show the spirit and mind we put in to making our business grow:

“Link has a great objective: One million products for one million customers.”

This phrase is based on 2 important lines of articles: On one- hand the products and on the other- hand the customers.

Link Gruppo S.p.A. produces and distribute tools, oils, lubricants, measuring instruments, accessories and goods for all types of mechanical machining. Our offer is so wide that we can cope with more than 66.000 catalog products and more than 100 commercial networks only in Italy and a network of contacts with the world’s best tool manufactures, we are able to find the needs of today’s industry.

We can guarantee pre- and post- sales assistance of the highest level and this allows us to satisfy over 20.000 requests of our clients every day

Furthermore, thanks to a highly automated logistic system and more than 25.000 sqm of warehouse, we are able to have the stock always available and we can easily and safely handle all orders.

Link Gruppo S.p.A. works in line with procedures Lean Six Sigma for a continuous improvement of processes, in addition to being certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015..

Link – Innovate Your Industry