STANLEY is a leading company in the production of hand tools, power tools and accessories and major brands of the Stanley Black & Decker group.

For over 170 years he has been working with users every day to constantly improve tool performance. From the measuring tape that allows you to measure with precision and autonomy, with the hammer that cancels the vibrations on the joints of the arm, STANLEY creates tools that allow you to always work at your best. This brand has always been the best choice for any work situation, thanks to the constant focus on excellence in every work area (products, employees and business).

In 1843, Frederick STANLEY opened a small business in New Britain, Connecticut, USA, which produced wrought iron bolts, hinges and hardware. Thanks to the superior quality of the products, true innovation and continuous improvement of production processes, STANLEY has defined excellence, as well as its products. Since 1843, we have set the standards of excellence in everything we do. No company in the world has such an exciting history of innovative tools. Our passion for excellence is tangible everywhere and, in all activities, and helps us to repair and protect our world. Passion continues, we do not stop.
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  1. Safety cutters STANLEY INTERLOCK 0-10-095 Hand tools 16548 0
  2. Safety cutters STANLEY INTERLOCK 1-10-018 Hand tools 16549 0
  3. Safety cutters STANLEY FATMAX 10-820 Hand tools 33305 0
  4. Snap-off blades for safety cutters STANLEY 2-11-725 Hand tools 33306 0
  5. Magnetic aluminium levels two bubbles STANLEY Hand tools 2857 0


    Magnetic aluminium levels two bubbles STANLEY
    from € 36,01 to € 44,75
  6. Magnetic aluminium levels three bubbles STANLEY Hand tools 2858 0
  7. Magnetic levels in synthetic material three bubbles STANLEY Hand tools 2859 0
  8. Long measuring tapes STANLEY Hand tools 2900 0


    Long measuring tapes STANLEY
    from € 28,33 to € 38,80
  9. Pocket tape measures STANLEY 9126 Hand tools 2898 0
  10. Pocket tape measures STANLEY 9142 Hand tools 2896 0


    Pocket tape measures STANLEY 9142
    from € 21,32 to € 35,66
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Products 1 to 10 of 15 total