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Tramp oil separators LTEC TOS 2.0

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Price From: €3,850.00 to €7,950.00

Special price: -12%

Price From: €3,390.00 to €7,950.00

Price From: €3,850.00 to €7,950.00

Special price: -12%

Price From: €3,390.00 to €7,950.00

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Tramp oil separator suitable for separating from the emulsions in the tank foreign oils, sludge and foam. You can use tank turbulence and degrease on a 24 hour basis. During the aspiration phase a superficial motion is formed in the emulsion thanks to this all the foreign oils floating are aspirated and decanted, the clean emulsion is drained into the tank by gravity. The operation also creates a beneficial oxygenation effect. The self leveling float allows for a swift installation even in tight spaces, immediate functionality. The new filter sack supplied as standard with TOS 2.0, enhances its reliability and is very easy to clean. TOS 2.0 does not have material consumption and works without the presence of an operator. Through the use of the TOS 2.0 HOT oil separator, a product conceived and designed for the specific needs of the washing tanks and tunnels, it is possible to de-oil all those fluids at high temperature and aggressive for the operator or for the materials. During the design of the TOS 2.0 HOT oil separator, the safety of the operators who may come into accidental contact with the machine has also been taken into consideration, thanks to the partition wall inside it, keeping the external plate of the machine at a lower temperature than the fluid flowing inside. Features: - Electrical panel with PLC with display in 6 languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian - Electrical panel protection IP65 - Maximum liquid temperature aspirated: 90° C - Operating temperature: +5°C +40°C - Rated motor power KW 0.25 - Funnels with tap for emptying and cleaning - Emergency stop button Advantages: - Decreases the production failure time caused by machine stops - Lengthens the interval between one disposal and the other - Lengthens the life of the emulsion and reduces the chemical and biological risks - Reduces bad smells by improving the working environment - It blocks the reproduction of mold and bacteria while preserving the health of the operators - Reduces the fumes generated by oil Supplied with: - 1 Dynamic float H4002P70 On request: - Cam attachment for exhaust pipe
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