Heavy duty belt oil skimmers LTEC RASEN B.2

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from € 93,00
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Ideal for tool machines, washing machines for pieces, condenser compressors and, in general, when it is necessary to separate the surface oil from the fluid below. Easy to apply even in tight spaces, it is the most advanced equipment for the mechanical removal of oil pollutants from the surface of coolant emulsions. The highest technical standards to provide: • reliable operation • durability • no maintenance BENEFITS OF USE • Prevents microbial degradation of fluid in operation • Improves production standards • Inhibits the production of noxious fumes and mists • Reduces machine contamination • Eliminates downtime caused by the need for manual oil removal • Built and assembled with industrial-quality products in Italy • Industrial ratio-motor • Illuminated switch • Electronic 4-position timer • Single key for assembly and adjustment (E27005 WRK) • Easy and safe to use thanks to the oil collection tank with level sensor • Non-standard size bands available on request Features: • Polyurethane polymer band • Self-adjusting band tension • Recovers up to 8 kg/h of oil in relation to the viscosity
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