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Compressed Air coolers LTEC DELTA 40 TURBO

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Are you looking for an out of production item, or need a customization?

DELTA 40 TURBO is a patented compressed air cooling device. DELTA 40 TURBO divides the air into two flows: one of hot air and one of very cold air. The jets and the hot and cold air temperatures can be adjusted and controlled by means of valve. It is lightweight, compact, economical and easy to operate. It is made of corrosion resistant material. The support is made of aluminium and the DELTA 40 TURBO can be installed using two magnets. It does not use electricity or chemicals and it does not generate sparks or interference. Reduces pollution and increases the speed of the machining tool, increasing its service life. Included: DELTA 40 TURBO is supplied complete with a jointed hose 320mm -1/2"

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